Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Going up North for a few...

Jerrid, the baby, and I are going to make a trip up North to visit his family as well as a few of our friends from college. I'll try my best to keep up with my posts, but in case I don't and you're wondering what is going on, you can follow me on Twitter. I'll be sure to keep my tweets up to date, since you do get sort of addicted to Twitter after a while.

Jerrid and will be planning a trip over to our Alma Mater! It's so beautiful there in the fall! That was the winning ticket for me to sign my scholarship papers for tennis, pack my bags, and head on over. It's like a scene from a story book.

Jerrid and I both went to Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. You may be confused by the name, and since I live in South Florida by Miami, but check out the background and history HERE! It was a college hundreds of years before the Miami in Florida was even a city! It was named Miami after the Miami Native American tribe that reside in the area. Everytime I tell someone about it, I have to mention the name Ben Rothlesberger...you know the Superbowl winning QB for the Steelers? He went to my school and played with Jerrid.

Miami University has so much history behind those red brick buildings. The Western Campus was one of the first ever women's colleges!

I am so excited to go back...even if its just to walk around! There is so much to see there, it's beautiful. There are plenty of nature trails, historic locations, and so much more. I'll be sure to come back with tons of pictures! I promise!

Jerrid and I were both full-ride athletes. He played football, and I played tennis. It's such a cliche...huh? (lol).

I hope you all had an amazing Labor Day! I sure did!

Ever since I've been pregnant I kind of fell off with a few of my very close friends since I just kind of went off to live with Jerrid without telling too many people I was leaving. I haven't spoken to one of my best friends...basically a sister to me, Melissa. The day before Labor Day my mom was not having it anymore and she asked me for Melissa's number. She called her up and invited her over, and she came! It was so amazing to see her, and this time I will not let her go! I grew up with this girl! We both played tennis, goofed around together, and kept each other sane through those grueling 7 hour tennis practices! I love you Melissa!



  1. I hope you guys have an amazing trip and have a chance to catch up with everyone!! We will miss ya!!! Cant wait for all the pictures!

  2. Ohio is kinda close to CT :) If y'all for some reason get lost and end up in CT CALL ME!!!!! Have a safe and fun trip!
    I love visiting my old college! I hope I get to make a trip before I move.

  3. TAKE TOONNNNNSSSS of pictures! and have even more fun! :)

  4. i just started at miami!!
    i love it. i swear its the most beautiful campus ever.

  5. ohh i'm glad it's the miami in ohio && not FL..haaaate them! haha you're gorgeous doll!!

  6. oh wow how interesting. about the school. didnt know you were living with you beau, aww happy for you guys, glad its worked out with Melissa.


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