Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Avoid Fake Cosmetics

Anything that has a high demand with be a target for counterfeiters to try to make money off of. One thing you always need to remember, is that not all business people out there are looking out for your satisfaction. They would rather make their money, and go on.

Cosmetics have become a huge target for these money hungry liars to make a few easy dollars by robbing people with fake advertisements as well as genuinely fake products. Since it is pretty cheap to manufacture cosmetics, this is a business where they really don't lose too much taking the risk. Most of these fakes are being sold online, to people who think they are getting a deal, when in reality, you are getting ripped off big time, and have paid an enormous charge for shipping, when in reality it would have probably been cheaper for you to just go to the store and buy the real thing. Also you will not be putting yourself into the danger of not knowing what kind of chemicals these counterfeit manufacturers use in their fake makeup.

Ever since I stated that I would be doing a post on how to look out for fake cosmetics, I have received numerous e-mails and messages asking if there really are fake cosmetics out there!

YES! There are!

As childish as it seems, almost anything that has demand, will have fakes. It's a sad thing, but it is reality.

I will list off a few thing that will help you shop with confidence next time you wish to purchase online, since it is the main route that these fakes get transported into your hands.

Once you see these fakes, you will be disgusted at how people can have no shame and sell this as the real thing. I always wondered why they don't just start up their own brand of makeup. Why sell fakes?

The majority of fakes are MAC cosmetics.

Here is a list of things to look out for when trying to find a deal on
MAC makeup online.

All make cosmetics have a NAME, not a number. A lipstick will have a name, such as "Chatterbox". Most fakes are numbered (1,2,3,4,5...etc.). Also, a name like "Shimmery Pink #5" does not count as a name. Always ask for the name of the item and do not allow the seller to tell you, the color you see is the color you get, or "very popular color". Also the packaging can be different. These fakes below come in a flat top lipstick case. We all know MAC lipsticks come in a bullet style package.

An example of fake lipsticks

Authentic eyeshadow palettes DO NOT come with a sponge tip applicator and a mirror. The bottom does not open to a small compartment.

Fake eyeshadow

Most fake MAC cosmetics are items from some popular collections, such as - Heatherette, Hello Kitty, Barbie, Style Warriors. Any of the collections with a special edition packaging, have a high tendency to be fake when they are online. It is pretty easy to tell the real ones from the fakes. Usually the fakes come in many colors that have not been released and again the items will be numbered rather than named. Just do some research into the item you are looking for and keep in mind that there are fakes out there. Sometimes it's hard to believe that there are scams like this out there, but there are.

You will find that the fakes usually come with a whole assortment of colors of lipglosses and lipsticks. Usually around 20 colors! These are obvisouly FAKE! MAC collections usually come out with 6 (AT MOST) lipsticks and lipglasses with each collection. Heatherette only had 4!

Collection items

REAL Heatherette lipsticks - Only 4 Colors, All have names.
Hollywood Nights, Lollipop Loving, Melrose Mood, Fleshpot

FAKE Heatherette Lipsticks - Numbered, No Names

REAL MAC Fafi Lipsticks - Only 6 colors - all have names

FAKE Fafi Lipsticks - More than 6 colors, No names, All Numbered

FAKE Hello Kitty blushes.
Hello Kitty only came out with 2 blushes, and 2 beauty powders.

Read the item description. Most of the time fake items will not be stated as 100% Authentic, rather the seller will put - GREAT QUALITY or UNRELEASED ITEM. This is a red flag! The quality of an authentic item would not need to be reassured. It basically like the seller saying their item is "just as good" when in reality, it is not. When a seller says their item is unreleased...we all know this is a lie.

Just because the seller has good feedback does not mean that their items are authentic. They could be selling to people who are okay with buying fakes, or someone who does not know. Never judge by feedback alone, know the product. Sometimes you will spot the seller saying "I strive to get 100% feedback, so contact me before you leave negative feedback. We can resolve the solution". This seller is avoiding negative feedback and is aware of the chance for negative feedback. Red flag.

Most of the brushes that are sold online are fake. I would suggest not even trying to buy these online. Sometimes you can tell them apart from the fakes, but most of the time it is very difficult. I wouldn't even risk it.

Just because an item is stated to be RARE or LIMITED EDITION does not mean it is real. Also look out for sellers saying their item was only available in Europe or Asia. This should throw up a red flag. Do some research into this. Sometimes a collection or color may only be launched in a another region of the world, but it is very easy to find out - just Google it!

Some fakes I found on eBay.

The colors of the HK lipglasses are not familiar.
Also, each authentic lipglass has a name, these are numbered.
For that price...this is a huge rip off.

Look how fake this eyeshadow palette is.
It makes you upset to think people sell this as something "real".
The nerve...

Most Fakes will come from a certain country or area of the world. Make sure to check where the item is being shipped from. I've heard that Thailand has been known to sell fakes.

Not all people are MAC enthusiasts, and they simply may not know. They bought items wholesale from some counterfeit manufacturers from another country, and they don't understand what they are selling. MAC does not wholesale their items, so most wholesale lots will be FAKE. There are people who collect items over time and sell them as a lot online. Just be cautious. Some sellers may simply put up a picture of an authentic MAC item, and state that their item is 100% authentic not knowing that their item is fake. Ask for a picture of the item itself taken directly by the owner.

MAC is not the only brand that is being you can see in this image below, a comparison between a REAL and FAKE YSL lipstick. Always look out for packaging. Some brands have packaging that is very hard to duplicate. YSL lipsticks are usually very heavy. On the contrary, there are YSL lipstick packaging models that vary from the Rouge Vulpte heavy gold packaging. An example being the Pur Shine line of YSL lipsticks which come in a much lighter packaging with a boxy bottom that is the same color as the shade of the lipstick. It's all about knowing the product and comparing it to the phony. If you cannot tell by packaging comparison, always compare colors and color names.

Shu Uemura brushes have been counterfeited and the name Shu Uemura will be misspelled. Also most Shu Uemura products are numbered, unless they come out in a collection where they do have names such as the REBIRTH collection where Uemura released Rouge Unlimited lipsticks such as "Pink Bloom" and "Serene Pink".

Here is a comparison between a REAL YSL and a FAKE.
The differences are pretty obvious.

Some people will have their opinions - "Well, some of us can't afford the real thing".

My answer - Then don't buy the fakes either. You're wasting your money, and you will lose more money than if you did just buy the real thing, because after you pay the $10 for the lipstick, you will pay an outrageous amount of money for shipping charges, which will most likely go right into the seller's pockets. You can always find a good deal online, just take your time, and be on the look out. You don't need to supply the counterfeiters with your money and be satisfied with being lied to.

You never know what kind of chemicals or other junk the counterfeit cosmetics may contain. It's better to stay on the safe side and stay away from the fakes.

If something is too good to be true...most likely it is, but if you are smart, you can always find a great seller who is selling authentic items for great prices! Sometimes you can even get rare and hard to find items for half the price, maybe even less! eBay is a wonderful place to get cosmetics you want but have missed the opportunity to get. Just beware of fakes!

I hope you can find this post useful in your
hunt for those MUST HAVE cosmetics!


YSL Rouge Vulpte Lipstick - Peach Passion #13

"Beautiful music how champagne flutes click,
Beautiful women sippin' through ROUGED lips"
- Jay-Z

I'm sure you have read hundreds of reviews from people raving about how amazing this lipstick is...and this is another one.

If you want soft, supple, tender, juicy looking lips...they're in this beautifully decorated case.

The lipstick is so cushy and creamy, it's like putting melted chocolate on your lips - just texture and consistency wise. Everybody loves melted chocolate!

The color I chose was Peach Passion #13. I've been into the peachy look, and besides, I owned a lipstick dupe in every other color that was available. I may have to reconsider my choice and go back for the others, since I really had no idea these lipsticks were this amazing. I know I'd use these a lot.


Peach Passion is a pinked peach. Goes on pretty opaque, so you don't need to swipe it on a thousand times. One or two swipes gives you the perfect coverage. Even dotting it on your lips lightly leaves enough opaque color for your to blend in for a creamy finish with gorgeous shine.

Gorgeous packaging!

Comes with a mini mirror on the top of the cap for application on-the-go!





I could go on and on about this lipstick.

The price tag is a bit steep at $34.00 at Sephora, but if you dig around online, and be careful not to get any fakes, you could get one for a great price! Sometimes even way less than half the price! I'm working on a post to help you stay away from fakes and what to look out for.


When life hands you lemons...

...demand Florida oranges!

Florida...the land of the retired, the rich, the tourists, and the crazy party hungry drunks. It's kind of hard to force this huge land mass into a category...there's just too much going on.

I'm lucky to live here, and I don't let that slip away. I take advantage of my home state...maybe more since Jerrid has moved down in February. There are still places he hasn't seen yet.

I don't know about you, but I love Florida. If you've been here and you didn't like it, you didn't go to the right places. If you've been here and you loved still haven't been to all the right places. I don't think I can explain to you how MANY things there are to do here. There is an entire panhandle sticking out of the United States for you to explore in Florida - Disneyworld, Universal Studios, Miami's South Beach, The Hard Rock in Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale and the beaches there...the beaches in Boca Raton...Tampa, Bradenton, Naples, Fort Myers...etc. to the max.

Living here, you can forget how lucky you are to be surrounded by such beauty on a daily basis, but it's the little things that remind you.

Jerrid and I drove over to Delray Beach to spend the day with my friend Melissa and her family. We all decided to make it a boating day and head out on their boat to sightsee and breathe in the fresh sea air.


We started out on the Intercoastal Waterway...which leads to the ocean. A nice slow paced cruise to make sure we don't cause any wake or run over any manatees.



Jerrid kept making a huge deal about "blogging" about the trip.
We told him we would push him in...that's blog worthy...


Being on a boat is like being rocked in your mama's arms. The sea waves are so relaxing and the fresh air makes it all the better. You feel so alive and relaxed at the same time.

Passing all the multi-million dollar mansions on the way was a nice view...


Hey Y-knot!


Imgine pulling up to this and saying..."Honey, I'm home!!!"


Check out the beautiful landscaping on this house.
That landscaping price alone could probably feed a
small family for 3 years somewhere in the world...



Outlet to the ocean.


Waving to the people!


The coastline



Clear water
You can see right to the ocean floor



Afterwards, Jerrid and I wanted to get some cheaps from the flea market.
There are tons of Flea Markets in South Florida,
but this is one you can scratch off your travel itinerary...

The Swap Shop
In Sunrise Florida (Fort Lauderdale)

I remembered this place being so much fun. There was a Circus in the damn place!

It's a flea market inside of a HUGE building, but the recession must have hit it hard. There wasn't even any air conditioning inside!

Last time I went there, about 5 years ago, the indoor circus was still up and running. They had incredible trapeze artists and 3 elephants! You can even ride on an elephant for $3! It was like old'timers prices! $2 ticket, 50 cent popcorn...totally affordable, but probably theyr downfall. I mean, they keep the prices they don't make much to keep up maintenance, they raise the prices people don't agree with price raises and don't pay. Either way, they lost their business here.

You would think the booths would at least upgrade their merchandise, but it's still the same overprices rubbish that it was before.


Great name for a store...



I want the patent red ones...


and yes, I was being sarcastic, for those of you who like to judge for no reason.

There is a little amusement park outside...
but I don't know if I'd go on any rides.
I think they are water powered.


I'm not kidding there. The ferris wheel was powered by
a bucket that was being filled with water, which kept the ferris wheel going.
Not very safe in my opinion.

Our economy might suck right now, but it will get better with time.
We just have to stay positive and believe in the future.

Every storm blows over...eventually

God Bless America


When you're not satisfied shopping in one place, what do you do?

You go to another place!

We hit up Sawgrass Mills - a favorite

Jerrid and I did our weekly economy boost with a bit of shopping. He's going for that new age cardigan look and couldn't find one he liked anywhere, so I dragged him into my favorite store.

You can find anything in American Apparel, and he did!

Look how nice he looks in it! Very grown and sexy!


I bought....


a lipstick
what did you expect?
(bought online)

It's a YSL lippie tho, so it's a totally different story in a totally different ball park, and I'll tell you all about it in another post.'s THAT good!

How was your weekened?