Sunday, July 12, 2009

Reader Questions

Q: How do you keep your skin pimple-free?

A: I experiment with my skin. Over the years I have gone through tons of products for acne. Even though I don't have many breakouts or get too many very noticeable pimples, its important to care for your skin and try to avoid getting blemishes. Lately I have fallen in love with Mario Badescu products. These products are the best I have tried. Not only do they do a great job at fighting acne, but they are very gentle as well. The line carries plenty of products, so you have leeway to choose exactly what you prefer. AVON also carries amazing skincare products and moisturizers. You can check out my mom's AVON store HERE. It's also very important to go to bed with a clean face. NEVER fall asleep with makeup on, no matter what the claim is. Makeup clogs pores and leaves residue on your skin, and skin on your face is more sensitive than skin on your body so it is just silly to believe that there is makeup out there that you can fall asleep with. Always wash your face and moisturize. One thing I learned about skin on your face is that it need to be moisturized. I always get breakouts or pimples if my skin is dry. Every night before I go to bed I apply a heavy moisturizer and always wake up with the smoothest skin. It's super important to me! You can check out my post about my favorite Mario Badescu products by clicking HERE and HERE.


Q: Hey Katrina, great blog! You have such nice lips! I always want the lip colors that you wear. Do you line your lips with some kind of liner? Your lip stick line is always so perfect.

A: Thank you! I do line my lips! In fact, I have a trick to getting my lipline very clean even if I don't want to apply any liner to my lips. I have 2 MAC lipliners that I depend on very much - "Subculture" which is a light nude pink shade, and "Stripdown" which is a nude brown. They are both gorgeous shades. If I want a visible line I apply my liner first and then blend it in a bit before applying my lipstick. If I do not want a visible line at all, I apply my lipstick or lipgloss first and then lightly outline my lips with the liner, just going by the line getting any residue or smudge out. It basically evens out the line and smears the gloss or liner across the line and evens it out. I'm sure there are products out there that help with this problem, I know Benefit had a lip pencil that keeps the lipstick or gloss from straying past the line, but using liner that I already own is the cheapest way and its so simple.


Q: Hi Katrina! Love your blog. What primer do you use on your lips before lipstick? I find light lipstick like MAC Saint Germaine creases on my lips any tips? Thank u, kisses from London xx

A: I don't use a primer on my lips but I make sure they are moistirized. I usually always wear a lip balm. I constantly moisturize my lips. I don't know if it has become a necessity since my lips have gotten used to be moisturized, so if they are not I get chapped lips pretty easily, so it's pretty important for me. I usually use Palmer's Cocoa Butter swivel stick but recently I switched over to AVON's lip conditioner which is also a great base to keep your lips moist so that when you do end up applying lipgloss or lipstick, your lips are nice and plump, moisturized, and they don't end up flaking off dead skin.


Q: what do you recommned for a makeup beginner? I love all your looks and I've always been clueless when it comes to makeup, but I really want to learn!

A: I recommend you get all your makeup out, make some time, and play around! It's really fun to play with makeup, and you realize how simple it really is to figure out how to accentuate your features and really make your own face pop. If you are looking to do a simple eye look, go for the smokey eye. It's very easy since it requires a lot of blending and you have plenty of room for error since it isn't a neat look. I had done a tutorial on how to do a simple smokey eye a while ago, if you would like to check it out, click HERE!


Q: Hello Katrina, I have one question - is this your real hair or do you wear extensions? It looks so pretty and healthy. Please, any tips?

A: Thank you! Yes, it is my real hair. When I was young I opted to get a complimentary hair cut from a salon for their grand opening celebration, and for some odd reason I got it cute super short. It was literally a pixi cut. I hated it on me. I wore headbands and hats from that day forth until my hair got longer. I told myself that I would let my hair grow and keep it long because I just could not picture myself with short hair ever again. I do get trims or trim my own hair every 2 weeks to cut off the split ends that appear from everyday life, or styling. It's super important and will keep your hair healthy and thick. I'm also a huge fan of the deep conditioning treatment at least once a week.


I will have my baby blog up and working in the next few days. I'm getting a few posts together. If you have any questions regarding pregnancy or anything of that sort, please feel free to ask!

I will also start doing a few posts here and there about fashion! I love fashion and find it hard to believe that I have very few posts about it.

Also as plenty of you know, my fiance Jerrid has a pretty rockin' body. He is a professional football player, but beyond that, he is a DIE HARD gym rat. He does drag me along to the gym with him sometimes so I have learned a few things here and there from him. I'll let you guys in on some amazing workouts and exercises, as well as diet tips. You know, when I was a freshman in college I weighed 35 pounds heavier than I do now. Jerrid really helped me lose weight by dieting, simple exercises, and staying smart, so I'll share my weight loss experience with you.

Also, for the person who asked whether I had any plastic surgery, I have not had any work done, but I am not against it. I strongly believe that someone should be able to do whatever they want to themselves as long as it keeps them happy. I have a problem with my nose, I feel like from a certain angle I have a weird bump on my nose and I hate it. If I were to ever get anything fixed, it would be my nose.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

If there is anything else you wish to ask,
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  1. Can't wait for the exercise and diet tips! I really need to lose around 5 kilos. I don't know how much that is in pounds.

  2. I'll be waiting in anticipation for ur tips! :)

  3. yea! let us in on the diet and workout tips!!!

    hey, you're from somewhere around armenia?
    you're so like the long lost kardashian sister!

  4. such great questions <3
    thanks for taking the time to answer questions in one post :) helps a lot :P

    i can't wait for your tips on keeping the body fit and healthy! <3

  5. i cant wait to hear more about your tips on staying fit and healthy!

  6. YESSS please do the diet and exercise tips! You're soo lucky to be engaged to someone who knows so much about staying fit! Share the wealth :)

  7. Bitch, you're lying, you had your boobs done!

  8. Agreed ^

    Boobs, nose and botox overkill!
    It's evidently apparent.


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