Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Baby Blog is back!

My baby blog is back up and running!

I have 2 new posts up so if you are interested in checking it out you can visit it by going to


There is also a link placed on my linkbar on the top of my blog!

I have a warning though, I put up a picture of my baby as soon as he was born, so some of you may not want to see it, but if you don't mind and are curious about the process of delivery induction, come on by!



  1. I am now following your baby blog, I think it is so beautiful!

  2. Hoorayyy! :)
    Ur such a wonderful mommy!

    *Ps Lovin the new layout! ♥

  3. Awwww.. Congrats homie.. I know im late but.. Hey.. =D

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