Friday, June 19, 2009

Review: Skindinavia Finishing Spray

Product: 2 out of 5
Packaging: 2.5 out of 5 (Mist should be finer)
Quality: 2 out of 5
Overall: 2 out of 5
Price: 2 fl. oz - $29 6 fl oz. - $39
Where to buy: /
Would I buy again: Probably not
What it is / the claim: A makeup finishing spray that creates a freshly applied look for the entire day.


I bought this product after reading a bunch of positive reviews about it on Even though the price was not very attractive ($29 bucks for a 2 oz. bottle) I figured it was worth a shot, its hard to turn down a product that claims that it could do so much. I wanted to see what all the hype was about and to my great displeasure, I didn't jump for joy at the results.

Features of this product according to the Skindinavia website:
Apply over makeup
Flawless set, hold, and blending
Greatly extends makeup wear and color hold
Breathable formula
Extends makeup wear and quality for hours.
Resists heat and humidity by cooling makeup surface
Oil and paraben free
Technology of this product according to the Skindinavia website:

LRY32 Delivery System (slow release nano-spheres)
FUNCTION Time released delivery system encapsulates millions of nano-spheres barely wider than a ray of light.
The spheres are “trained” to release their content in period waves throughout a given time period.
BENEFITS Skindinavia treatments last exponentially longer than standard offerings.
LABORATORY TRIALS Thermal drop testing shows continuous activity for over 20 hours. (Measured by Control Company Thermometer 61815501 at 74.1°F)
FEATURED IN All Skindinavia Treatments.

ACB30 Thermal Control Blend (surface only)
FUNCTION Lowers makeup surface temperature to inhibit melting, sliding, and color loss.
BENEFITS Greatly extends makeup wear and holds true color.
LABORATORY TRIALS Makeup surface temperature remains 10.4°F cooler 30 minutes after application.
FEATURED IN Makeup Saving Moisturizer, Makeup Finishing Spray, Face and Eye Makeup Primer,
T-Zone Makeup Primer

CHO89 Makeup Color Hold
FUNCTION Pigment dispersion system breaks apart granular colorant groupings. Absorbs excess water and air pockets that typically causes makeup clumping.
BENEFITS Works within makeup to create a flawlessly blended, clump free canvas. Allow color to remain true for extended periods.
LABORATORY TRIALS Core ingredient shown to enhance skin spreading factor by a minimum of 300%.
FEATURED IN Makeup Finishing Spray, Face and Eye Makeup Primer, T-Zone Makeup Primer
When using this product I found that it really made no difference in the appearance of my makeup and as for longer lasting...I didn't see any of that either. In fact, I really dislike the spray mist that leaves rather large water drops on your face that dry and end up being clearly visible spots as if you threw water on your face, especially when you use mineral makeup, it separates it big time. As for use on liquid foundation, it does not separate the foundation like it does the mineral makeup, but makes your makeup feel much heavier and a little dry.

If I were to bring this bad boy back into action in my makeup arsenal I would probably look for another spray bottle with a finer mist and give it another shot, but as for now, I give it a 2 out of 5. I will also try blending the mist into the foundation using a due fibre brush (i.e. MAC 187 brush) and see how that works since just leaving the mist on your face as it comes out of the bottle is really not working.



  1. Thanks for the review. I've been wondering about this product but will probably not pick it up.

  2. aww.. sorry to hear it didn't work out so well :(

    thanks for the review.. i prob will make sure i won't get this then :P haha

  3. Thanks for the review. I hate spritzing my face with stuff LOL

  4. have you tried MAC FIX??? It is so addictive and I'm sure you will like it much more than this mister!

  5. Eww, that sucks!!! Do you have any MAC Fix+ that's running low, the mist on it is really fine.

  6. the mac fix is awesome!! thanks for the review!! <3

  7. I know this is a very old post but I personally hate the MAC Fix+ spritzer. It leaves large, noticeable droplets all over the face. I had to pour mine into a different bottle that has a much finer mist than MAC's bottle. For the price of MAC products, their delivery method should be flawless. It's not. The product isn't anything special either. It's nothing but highly overpriced, perfumed water that does absolutely nothing to set or 'fix' my makeup. Would never buy it again.


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