Thursday, May 28, 2009

Trina's Tips : Look younger with makeup

Makeup is an art, and as an artist for your own face, you should know your key features that you wish to accentuate and bring forth for that day. Most women tend to try to strip years off of their look with the help of makeup. Clearing up the complexion and diminishing the look of wrinkles with foundations, bringing out cheekbones with sculpting techniques and blushers, plumping lips with lipsticks and liners, bringing out the dramatic look and shape of your eyes with eyeliners, dramatic colors, and beautiful blending techniques, and so much more. There is so much more to makeup than color and combination.
Older and washed out
Younger and glowing
The one mistake I feel that many women can tend to make is to create an illusion of being an older age than they really are. Usually when too much emphasis is placed all around creating a dramatic illusion of make up that is too intense all around the face, it could pack on the years, rather than strip them away. Example being, dramatic eyes and dark dramatic lips worn together.

Kim K. looks washed out and aged in a dramatic eye and
lip combination to the left, and much younger and
glowing in natural tones on the lips and a dramatic eye.

Much better in dramatic lips and subtle lined eyes.
"Marilyn effect"
Creating a look with dramatic eyes as well as dramatic lips can somehow drain the skin of its natural glow, leaving your face looking washed out, and creating the illusion of age. Usually professional artists would recommend going light or nude on the lips, using neutral or natural colors to enhance the effect onto your dramatic eyes and take it away from your entire face, leaving your skin radiant, and the attention on your eyes rather than having too much going on stripping your skin of its beautiful glow.

This is why sultry smokey eyes are usually worn with neutral or nude lips. Also, nude and neutral colors on lips tend to make lips appear fuller.

If you are looking to go for a darker lip and extenuate the lower part of your face, it is better to keep eyes clean and subtle. This will allow more focus onto your lips and take it away from being overbearing and again strip your skin of its natural glow. Usually eye makeup will be done with a beautiful eye liner and a lighter toned shadow. If a darker shadow is used, it is kept close to the lashline and not to extend to the crease of the lid.

Gwen Stefani looks beautiful in a toned down eye and dramatic lip
Perfect example of the dramatic lip.


  1. I love this post and I really like how you gave us such great visuals with the pictures.

  2. This the best post I have read :) I love it, very well written! Thanks, lovely to see visuals too. X

  3. wow. there is a change within the pictures.
    i think im going to use less make-up now to keep that young look.

    keep up the great work !

  4. I seriously want to know if Taylor Momsen is on something. She just has that "I'm stoned" look and the girl is freaking 15!

  5. wow what a great post, its crazy how Taylor Momsen is only 15 & looks WAY older in the first picture .. she's trying to grow up way to fast


  6. Thank you ladies! :)

    Rai, I know! She does look totally out of it in that first pic haha a little "Courtney Love" with the crazy and all! hahaha

    She is only 15, she needs to stop over doing it with the it looks really strange on her

  7. LOL this past weekend, my little cousin saw me b4 applying my makeup, she was shocked I had spots on my face.

  8. Very good point! Taylor looks so old but compared to before, she looked so much better...

  9. Thanks for the pointers. Need to recognize that when I'm older lol.

  10. this was really cool to read.

  11. where is Scarlett Johnasson??

  12. Lazyking - You're right...she is also a great example! I should have added her pics up there too

  13. So its all made up? opps make up.

    U seem to be an expert in this.

  14. I think I'm probably guilty of going overboard sometimes with makeup... the fact that I'm sooo pale dosn't help me out AT ALL!!! Everything shows x 100000000!!! Thanks for the simple guidelines to stick by ;) Very helpful!

  15. I love this. You made it so simple but still put in a lot of information. Please post more of these types of posts.

  16. This blog was incredibly informative and enlightening Katrina. I took away a cool bit of knowledge, thanks!*_*!


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