Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Simply Nee's Hello Kitty Giveaway!

I love Hello Kitty!
Ever since her appearance in the 1970's, she has taken over the world by storm! I can't resist Hello Kitty and we were all reminded of how insane we will go over the cute Sanrio character when MAC recently launched the HK collection for our beauty needs.

Well, Simply Nee has come to the rescue!! She is holding a fabulous Hello Kitty giveaway! Check out her blog to see the unbelievable and generous prizes and submit your own entry!

The rules are simple...
  • You must answer her question on her post
  • You must be a follower
  • You must blog about the giveaway and link back to her
  • Contest closes June 5th at midnight
Her question was:

What is your favorite Hello Kitty item that you own?

My answer:


My Hello Kitty "Save our Oceans" t-shirt! I love this shirt because it features Hello Kitty and it also stands for a good cause! Not only is Hello Kitty cute, but she's environmentally conscious and influences us to be better for our planet.

Hello Kitty sets a good example with this shirt and I love the idea that the creator of the shirt used her image for a good cause! It shows how influential that little kitty really is and makes me love her even more!!! Not only is she adorable and lives in beautiful Sanrio world with other adorable animals, but she is helping us understand how important it is to save our own world and the adorable animals that inhabit it! Hello Kitty is a very popular icon, and it is a great idea to use her image to target such a broad range of people to recognize good causes!

Front and back of the shirt


  1. I love your t-shirt...It's really cute!!!!

  2. Thanks so much girlies! I love that shirt! I can't wait to pop this baby out and fit into it again! hehehe

  3. I love your shirt, where did you get it?

  4. Thanks Marcy! I got it from Macy's last summer :) I love it soooo much! Its a long tee shirt too!

  5. My gosh! You look so gorgeous/pretty!
    You just knocked the cute-ness right out of Hello Kitty :X *GASP*

  6. Thank you sooo much Wendy! You're too nice! :)

    I wanna be invited to your bloggy!! I couldn't see it :(

  7. so cute!! i saw that shirt i think at off saks...

  8. Hi Katrina Princess ! OMG first off you are one gorgeous mama :] ty for entering my giveaway this shirt of yours very cute AND ecofriendly LOL lav it! good luck missyy xoxo nee

  9. I saw the prizes! They are amazing. Good luck hun!

  10. Adorable shirt, and you are so adorable and gorgeous!!

  11. Cute shirt Katrina

  12. Wish you the best with the rest of your pregnancy and delivery babe


  13. Kitty is one cool cat... lol

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