Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's summer time!

It seems like just about yesterday I was celebrating New Years to welcome in 2009, and now it's almost summer! School is coming to an end for the year and all the gals and guys are heading over to their formal events to celebrate the years and memories they have spent together.

Summer means going to the beach in our little bikinis and wearing sexy things to go party our nights away in the club.

In just a few days I will be popping this baby out and getting my body back to where it was before I got pregnant. It's so funny that right when I was feeling so good about my body and fitness that I got pregnant.

I'm glad that I am due soon! I get to play with my little munchkin in the warm weather and wear the cutest things. The best clothes always come out in the summer.

Remember that maxi dress that I wanted to get from Saks but figured I should wait? Well, I found a dress that I like better and its half the price! This dress is so perfect for the summer with the bright colors and its a maxi dress, which is so popular and in style right now.

I also instantly fell in love with this gorgeous off the shoulder uneven cut tunic.

All these items are totally affordable and they have so many items to choose from such as swimwear, shoes, skirts, bottoms. They even have super sexy lingerie. I may need to look into getting some little things to wear for Jerrid to make him feel better while he is recovering from his knee injury. Rawrrr...hehe.

Check out the site by clicking on the link:



  1. Thanks for the link! I like the maxi dress but I really really love that tunic! I must get it as soon as I get paid!

  2. That looks alot like sexy clubbin clothes at an affordable price. I've gotten a couple of things from that website, you should check it out too. Plus the clothes ship hella fast! ;-P

  3. Oooh I really like that 2nd dress.

  4. That website has cute stuff, but let me tell you THEIR SHIPPING IS RIDICULOUS!!

    So I never placed my order, I was turned off by the shipping. smh.

  5. I love both of those dresses, the second one is a must.. very sexy..Im about to check them out now!


  6. Katrina...i think i seriously believe you've spawned my online shopping all the tips!

    And i have 2 entries for you in my contest/drawing! :)

    Hope you and little +1 have a great memorial weekend!

  7. I like the second one, it's super casual but sexy! I can already see it with cute wedges :)

    Thanks for the link, I happened upon that site a while back but couldn't recall what it was.

    - B

  8. Rai, I had no idea about the shipping. I have yet to purchase these things. I was just browsing and loved the prices. Oh man, I'll see what it comes out to be.

  9. Wow! Both are very fitting for the season:] Very lovely, indeed.
    Thank you for the site, by the way:]

    And could I please have your blogger e-mail address because I would love to add you on my blog!:] A quick one sent to: is fine<3

    Take care and get plenty of rest then!
    Talk to you soon, Katrina:]

  10. you'll look good in those!


  11. I looooooooooooove off the shoulder shirts!!! Get one girly!

  12. I really like off shoulder tops and tunics too. =) I really like the second item.

  13. I wish I were tall enough to wear those maxi dresses!

  14. love the clothes! So summer! I'm rockin' the white jeans in celebration of summer ;)


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