Saturday, May 23, 2009

I'm the bomb, like...tick, tick!

I am a ticking time bomb!

Any minute now my lil' guy will make his way into the world!

Okay...I think my baby just kicked me in the spine. It hurt and my leg had funny tingles all over. This means that this baby needs to hurry up and make it's way out of there!

I want to thank all of you for your amazing and kind wishes for me to have a safe and easy delivery. I have been really afraid and usual, and your kind words have made me feel so much better and keep a smile on my face.

Every time I get the slightest tinge in my tummy, I think its time to go to the hospital, so I think Jerrid is getting a little bit annoyed with me. I guess even though I am scared crapless, I still want it to be time to go to the hospital and see my lil' man already!

I bought another outfit to put on him. I mentioned before how I am obsessed with baby denim overalls, so I got him another adorable overall outfit from "A Children's Place". There is an outlet store here by me so I stopped by there last time and had to have it. It was 50% off, so it was $6 for the overalls and $3 for the matching shirt! I just hope the buttons won't be too annoying for him.
I don't really like the idea of carrying my baby in those ugly baby front backpack looking things. I just always tend to laugh when I see parents with those on. I know your baby likes looking around and it's convenient to wear that thing, but it's so darn ugly! They came out with a commercial recently with a man in that baby front pack thing in the grocery store...oh man, had me on the floor laughing.

I really like the baby slings that Camila Alves and Gwen Stefani wore when they're babies were lil' totters. I really love this one Gwen Stefani wore. The maya wrap baby sling. I am still a little discouraged that it's $65. It's a freakin peice of cloth with a ring on it. Guess I will have to settle with it since I like it so much. Maybe I'll find it for a better price. If any of you guys know where I could get this for a better price, let me know lovers!



  1. awww i looovveee the baby wraps at the end....sooo trendy!! and i know your excited girl..hell me too!!! go on and pop already!! haha we are all excited about your little bundle of joy!! :)

  2. yay babies!!!! hurry n pop that cutie out so we can see pix!

  3. aw i cant wait for you to have him! i love babies! i love the wrap!

  4. i hope everything goes well and i can't wait to see your little one! remember keep relax so everything can go faster =]]

  5. aaww!! cant wait to here all about your experience and pix of the lil fella! wish you lots n lots of luck!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3333333


  6. I hope you'll have a smooth delivery sweetie :) I like reading yr blog :)

  7. I'm sure your delivery will be smooth. You'll know when its time to head on over to the hospital :) no worries! {pack a bag soon!}

    As for a less pricey sling, I'm not sure. Although, $65 is A LOT less then a Baby Bjorn and far more adorable. So I say go for it; plus it gets used so much its completely worth it.

    best of luck to you and congratulations!

  8. the baby wraps at the end are cute!! i remember when i saw gwen with hers and thought that it was different than usual!

    trust me, your delivery will be a smooth one as long as you are relaxed, the baby is relaxed. like others have mentioned before, you will definitely know when it's time to go to the hospital =]

    i am so excited for you and can't wait to see your bundle of joy!!! everything will go well and you will be a wonderful mom! again congratulations!

  9. Awww good luck with everything!!! I hope it all goes super smoothly for you and your little bubba :)

  10. I can't wait to see your baby!!
    Pregnancy is scary for me. The more I learn about it, the more I'm totally gross out. =[

    Gosh, men never have to go through anything.

    Such a cute little outfit.
    And WOW! $65?! They have a lot of nerve to charge that for something you can easily make.

  11. i hope the best for you with your delivery! i'm sure it'll all go smooth! ;]

    love the baby slings!

    and i agree with you.. those back pack things are ugly.. and to me, they're just as bad as those leashes for your kids.. ;x

  12. I've seen that commercial you're talking about. It's funny, yet disturbing at the same time.

    The Children's Place has the cutest stuff! And great deals, too! If you sign up for their emails, they will start sending you discounts in the mail.

    :) Rest up all you can now!

  13. Congratulations! Didn't realize you were expecting (new follower here). Keep us posted!

    - Julie

  14. That was so funny to me in the beginning when u were talking about how excited u were for the baby to come, then u said "Okay...I think my baby just kicked me in the spine. It hurt and my leg had funny tingles all over." I laughed out loud. Anyway, I looked on ebay and saw it for $35, so u should check that out. Can't wait to see Jerrid Jr.!

  15. congrats it is truly a beautiful thing

  16. Intersting your blog.

  17. Sooo cute!!! Really like it!!

  18. Congratulations! You can find mya wraps on, they have a bunch of different ones and most start at around $35

  19. bet you're baby's gonna be as cute as u are!

    and the cute outfit... aaaahhhh how i envy every mother in the world since i would really love to be one! :D

  20. omG that lil outfit.. precious! lol

    i love that baby wrap.. so much cuter than that other thing

    can't wait to meet the lil one!
    goodluck! =]

  21. I've had about 3 first-time mom friends give birth in the last month or so :) one piece of advice they shared: tough it out as long as you can at home in the comfort of your own home. a lot of first-time moms are anxious (which is to be expected!) and head to the hospital earlier than necessary, and they just end up having to walk the halls while they wait for their bundle to decide he or she wants to come out :) haha. GOOD LUCK, KATRINA! I'm sure you'll do great!

  22. aww good luck with your lil one :D

  23. Awwww so cute!!! I bet you are way excited!


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