Saturday, May 16, 2009

Hey loves!

I have so many amazing cosmetic and beauty products to review for you guys from brands like Smashbox, Burt's Bees, Noodle & Boo, as well as drug store brands like Rimmel and NYC. These posts are coming real soon. I also have a review on the new fragrance Diesel has released for men. It smells divine. I can't stay too far from Jerrid when he wears it. It's a must have for your man!

If I don't update about them tomorrow, then Sunday it shall be!

For your shopping needs...

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Anyway, here is a little update on whats going on...

Jerrid's team has a home game tomorrow night at 7:30pm. Jerrid won't be playing. His knee is not better, in fact he will need to have surgery to fix some problems with his left knee. Sometime next week he should be taken in for his surgery and then he starts his recovery. Jerrid hurt his knee a couple of weeks ago at the teams last home game. He had a pretty bad fall when his foot got caught in the turf.

Please pray that my baby has a wonderful surgery and recovers as quickly as possible. I know this is the price you pay when you play aggresive athletics, but I still can't help but feel terrible that the love of my life is in I do what any other girl would do: cry, constantly kiss him, and smolder him with hugs.

I will keep you posted on his recovery as well as my pregnancy!

As a matter of fact, thank you all so much for your very kind and encouraging comments about my pregnancy! It really motivates me to stay as strong as I possibly can when the time comes for me to go into labor. I am usually a very paranoid person, but you all have helped me relax and realize that I am not the only one who has felt this way. It helps a lot!



  1. God bless him! I hope he gets better soon and is back out there kicking butt in no time! Get well Jerrid!

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  3. hey hun you & him will be in my prayers tonight.

    " sometimes the roughest roads lead to the best places"

  4. i definately understand, you, jerrid, and yalls son will definately be in my prayers! stay positive and enjoy every minut of your pregnancy trust me it goes by quickly and just think youll never have that same baby in your belly (kicking your ribs) again, haha! cant wait to see his pictures i know he is gonna be so cute!

  5. Im so sorry. The surgery will be in Gods hands. I wish him the best recovery.

  6. OMG! Are you talking about 'Only the Brave' ... It was in my Sephora catalog and it smells soooo good. LMAO! My boyfriend needs this cologne!

    Hope your bf's surgery goes okay and he makes a speedy recovery. :]

  7. Feel better Jerrid! I can't believe he hurt his knee. I will pray that he has a speedy recovery!

  8. hope your bf gets better soon from surgery! r u in labor yet??? i am excited for u gurl! xoxo



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