Saturday, May 30, 2009

He's a trooper!

Yesterday was a very very busy day for me and Jerrid. He was scheduled to go into surgery at around 2:30 pm, so my mom drove on over from Fort Lauderdale to help out, since I would not be able to help Jerrid out all on my own, especially since he would not be able to walk or put any pressure on his leg after the surgery.

We drove him over to the surgery center and he was admitted in a few minutes. They got him dressed and ready for surgery and let us visit our little trooper before he went in for surgery. We shortly were told to leave and kissed Jerrid on the forehead and made our way out of there, praying and wishing that everything goes well.

The surgery went great! Within an hour and a half the nurse called my cell phone and let us know that Jerrid was doing great and he was in recovery. The surgeon was amazing! He was very quick and was extremely happy about the outcome of the surgery. He told my mother and I what he had done to fix his knee and let us know that he should be recovering better and quicker than previously expected.
Super trooper!
Cute socks! :)
I was so happy! I have been through surgery before myself, but I was not as nervous as I was when Jerrid was going through it. I know what I can handle, but knowing someone you love is going through surgery is so tough to cope with, especially while waiting.

While we were waiting, my mother and I stopped by Wal-Mart to pick up some more things for the baby...we ended up buying everything in the baby section. It's really easy to get carried away in there!

Anywhoo, I want to thank all of you for your extremely kind wishes for Jerrid to have a successful surgery and recovery! Your prayers have helped both of us deal with this situation.

Jerrid's fortune cookie from today's yummy Chinese!
Jerrid is doing great! He is recovering well and is not in much pain. He begins rehabilitation on Monday, but he has been doing leg lifts and foot pumps with great success! I am so proud of him and his strength is very inspiring!



  1. Sweetie, im going to be thinking of you on monday, I'm glad Jerrid is doing well =) and everything was a success now its on to the next lil man.

    Thinking of you both xo <3

  2. Surgery is soo stressful when your waiting!!! Your lucky that your mom was able to come down to help you guys out.
    It's so easy to get carried away in Walmart!!! They have great finds sometimes especially on baby essentials like stuff you know that's gonna get messed up like washcloths, burping clothes, socks (baby socks disappear)... I'm always returning somebody's child back to them sockless :)

  3. Dude, that's your boyfriend? Cute! =)

  4. Waiting is the worst, especially when it's a loved one. Glad he did good and is recovering quickly! Hope it continues to go well for him. Good luck on your induction on Monday. Hope all goes well and it's a smooth and healthy delivery. You'll do great!! Remember they have some good drugs....LOL. And just think of the end result. Your lil' man, One of God's greatest blessings!

  5. yeah he really is a trooper and hes lucky to have you by his side :)

  6. heal quickly Jerrid - your lil man is on his way! Glad to hear you guys are all right :)

  7. aw i hope he feels better soon! take good care of your man, gurl!



  8. Thank you for your wonderful kind words!!! :) I'm so glad his surgery is over with and its my turn to pop this baby out! HAHA Keep me in your prayers lovers!!!

  9. awww your such a great wifey, always sticken by his side no matter what =]

    how are you & the baby doing? hope all is well

  10. glad to hear that he's doing well! hope the healing process is quick and painless for him.


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