Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Firefox browser themes and colors!

I was so sick and tired of my boring Firefix browser theme until I found out about Firefox Add Ons. You can choose and select different themes and colors for your browser! Of course I chose pink! I had stuck with a pink one for a while and today I went to see if any new themes had been uploaded and there were so many new ones! I found this amazing new pink theme called Avant Garde :Rosa: . Its so cute!

Its much cuter downloaded and in use than it is in this screen shot.
It's still cute though, huh?
I love the buttons and the scrollies are pink too!

Guys and gals, check out Firefox Add Ons if you want to change up your Firefox theme! Let me know which one you choose! All you have to do is go to and then click on Add Ons and select Themes. Search for what theme your looking for (i.e. pink, green, blue, etc.) and then select a theme to check it out. If you like it, download it and Firefox will ask you to restart the program and it will restart with the theme! Its so easy.

Its not scary either. You are downloading these themes right from the Firefox creation website so you have nothing to fear. The themes and programs in the Add Ons are checked by the Mozilla team to make sure they are legit.

If you don't like the theme you can easily remove it by clicking on Tools in your nav bar and selecting Add Ons. Click on themes and just choose whether you would like to disable the theme or uninstall it. You can always just select to go back to the default theme.

I guess I'm just really excited to spread the word about the Add Ons since every time people use my computer they ask how I made my Firefox pink - now you know!




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