Sunday, May 3, 2009

Diet Pill Dangers

Just the other day someone had died from liver damage caused by this persons use of the diet pill "Hydroxycut". Since the death of this person, the diet tablets have been pulled from the shelves. The company that makes Hydroxycut, makes other diet supplements as well and has pulled as many as 14 of their products from shelves.

On person may have died, but many have reported liver disease that had required liver transplant, seizures, heart problems, heart attacks, and rhabdomyolysis which is a type of muslce damage that can lead to kidney failure.

These companies feed off from our insecurities with their sleazy commercials which are very computer edited and photoshopped. These products are not approved by the FDA and have never been proven to be safe, but we will take the risk in order to look good because we are so influenced by society and what we think society expects from us.

I learned first hand the complications that diet pills can cause to your body. During the spring of 2007 I wanted to look my best for Spring Break, which is typical for most people who are in college. We want to be ready for the beach and feel completely satisfied with every aspect of our bodies in time for the warm weather. We expect our waist lines to shrink as the temperature increases, but many risks come with such drastic changes in your body, especially when you turn to medicinal products and procedures to help you.

My weapon of choice was the diet pill called 'Rapid Slim". I bought the product because the price was affordable and I was very influenced by the commercials. I won't lie...I did see improvement in my body. I was getting slimmer, but I was not sure if it was actually the tablet that had helped me or the fact that I was so dedicated to lose the weight in the first place and started to watch my diet and exercise more. I continued to take the product...and after a few days I started to feel a lot of the negative side effects.

I was very moody. I would snap at Jerrid and at times it would become so extreme that he would have to leave and let me be on my own. I was intolerable of myself and my heart rate was probably as fast as if I had just ran a marathon. Constantly my heart would race and beat so fast I could not sleep. The pill would make me so energetic at times, and then end up crashing but having trouble sleeping because my heart would literally hurt from beating so fast. My sleep regimen being disturbed caused me to experience sever tiredness along with banging headaches which would ruin my entire day.

This really scared me but I became so mentally dependant on these pills because I really believed that they were helping me. Jerrid eventually took them away from me and I was scared that I would put all the weight back on...but in reality, I was still losing weight and I was feeling better than ever.

I realized that the pill did not help me, but I had helped myself. I was eating better, I was exercising more, I was more aware of what I needed to do as well as what I was doing in order to lose weight and get in shape and I had been.

If you are dedicated enough to lose weight...YOU WILL. You just need to listen to your body and never turn to the posion that is sold as a legitimate way to help you acheieve your dream body. They will only hurt you. I learned that the hard way.

In no way am I speaking for those people who have certain diseases that keep them from losing weight, that is a different story. In my experience, I was only trying to lose a few pounds here and superficial reasons, but being a college athlete, at times I felt as if I was criticized by my size since I was bigger than most of my teammates.

After college and after tennis, I had lost much more weight without trying. I was not working out as much but also did not need as much food per day so the weight seemed to come off. This is normal for some athletes and some people, but for most the opposite happens.

Eating healthy and listening to your body worked for me, and I'm sure it would work for anyone else. It is hard at first, but when your body adjusts to eating smaller portions more times a day and consuming more protein and exercising with light weights as well as warming up and cooling down with light cardio for 15 minutes each, your body will respond in beautiful ways and you will feel so much better. Eat whatever you want, but in small portions, there is no need to make yourself unhappy in the name of "so called beauty".

Don't put your health in danger for superficial reasons. Instead of making your insecurities a health issue, make them a health promotion, but remember that too much of anything is bad.

The most important thing to remember is to LOVE YOURSELF no matter what!



  1. I love this post. Well said Katrina, there really is no quick fix and its not worth dying over. I'm happy that you did not have any long-term health damage from the side effects. Thank you for sharing this. You r stunning :) xxNadia

  2. oh yea i saw that on the news!!! too bad i dont take diet pills!.. just not yet! lol


  3. good post babes!! diet pills are never the wayy to really go. I think people abuse them and the dangers are not put out in front of these people for them to know 100% what's happening with their body except that their losing the weight.

    Good awareness post !! xo

  4. Hey Pk

    Awesome post...I love your last line,

    The most important thing to remember is to LOVE YOURSELF no matter what!

    This is the truest statement for everyone. We need to love ourselves from the inside out. I wanted to come by and say Hi!!!....and see how you’re doing. Thanks for visiting me and leaving me a comment on my last post.

    I hope all is going well with the baby and you and the hubby……you’re awesome.

    Lots of Love

  5. At the end of the day all medicine is bad for you. But I saw something about those pills.

    This society has made it known that certain things are unacceptable and not attractive. Yet most people living in U.S. are obese.

  6. Oooh this is a really great post!! And so true! Diet Pills are scary things that's for sure!!!

  7. I am so glad you did this post; you really changed/opened my mind. i want to lose 10-15 pounds for the summertime and i was really looking into buying those diet pills, as much as people would say it was bad i never took it seriously because it was coming from a person who never tried it.

    but you experienced all the negative effects & with the person passing away. this post really made me realize the harms of diet pills.

  8. i love this post! a lot of women want that quick fix but don't realize what they're putting into their bodies. losing weight is all mental and it will happen if you just set your mind on it.

    i hope everything with the pregnancy is going great. little man will be here soon! you're gonna love being a mommy..its AMAZING!

  9. GREAT post!! ive tried them once before and i experienced the same thing i was moody and my heart was out of control!

  10. i agree with you, i am curvy one and i alwasy wanted to loose some weight, and i though of taking some diet pills, but never got a chance to get it becausse i was scared of what woul happen to my body. i am so glad i didnt rather have some fat then loose a life

  11. wow thats crazy! anywho, i never believed their stupid commercials, i knew they were photoshopped! shiiiiit. goodthing their products were pulled off the shelves!

  12. Great post!
    It's very true, going the natural and healthy route will give the best and longer lasting results.

  13. This is crazy. I do remember these diets pills shown on commercials. I had my time when i used to take diet pills. I took green tea diet pills from costo. Women in my family would take it It supposedly suppressed your appetite. It did work, but i found myself kinda obsesses about it :/ Now i just run on th treadmil whenever im not lazy and i just do the Special K challenge :)

  14. Isn't it crazy how when we arn't watching products like these can come into our lives and just take us over mentally, physically and emotionally?!?! I scares me the sacrifice people make for the smallest changes that usually have such a dramatic (and negative) effect on our health. The media sucks as far as giving women realistic standards to live up to and most of the time we just arn't strong enough to fight them off! Companies are literally killing off their clients for profit!!! What the hell happened to morals in this world?!?!

  15. Good post! Thank you, I was thinking about starting to take diet pills but I have changed my mind!


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