Thursday, April 30, 2009

NYX 50% off Sale!

Just a reminder for all my makeup junkie friends!


  1. *sigh* you've just furthered my online shopping addiction LOL

    thanks for the info..I went there this morning and bought a few of their special sale items...i'm sure i'll be back tomorrow!!

  2. wow i got to buy! haha. How is your pregnancy btw? You look so great and glowing!

  3. I love your blog! You are absolutley gorgeous! I have a friend that is your twin! Anyway, stop by my blog when you get a chance and congrats on the bun!

  4. i went to the jimmy choo sale at 3ish today. there was a 3 hr wait around the block. lols that's what i hateee about the city. didnt think that many ppl knew about it!

  5. Your sleep is going to get even crazy.. Once the baby gets bigger you'll find it so hard to sleep cause it's so uncomfortable.. That's how I have been lately! I feel like a zombie! What I would give for a good night sleep and to stay a sleep threw out the night. hope you and your bundle of joy is doing great!

  6. Katrina, i must say I LOVE YOUR BLOG!
    i love when u post things like sale and swatches! I so want to purchase things on sale! i just dont know what lip stick to get from nyx, i seen you got few, i love the pink colors and natural, any suggestions!


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