Wednesday, April 8, 2009

MAC Swatch - Saint Germain

Last time I was by the MAC booth I picked up 'Saint Germain' lipstick from the MAC limited edition Sugarsweet Collection. 'Saint Germain' is actually a perfect dupe for 'Melrose Mood' from a previous collection - MAC Heatherette.

Saint Germain is an amplified finish clean pastel pink. It's very bright and comes on super smooth. This color can be very "in your face". I like to apply just a bit to give me that perfect light pale pink. If you apply more, it could look quite neon pink. I love how you can control how strong and vibrant the color is depending on application.

I love this color, its very Barbie-ish and perfect for spring!


My next purchase from the Sugarsweet Collection will be the lipstick in 'Bubbles' which was actually brought back!


  1. That looks gorgeous on you. Totally regretting not picking this up now :( x

  2. i wonder if the lipstick taste like cup cakes

  3. soooo pretty on you!! thanks sooo much for doing this!! now i HAVE to get it! haha ♥

  4. @Zoella - Thanks girl!

    @Torrance - I wish it did...that would be nice if it tasted like cupcakes! It does smell nice though...I love the way MAC lipsticks smell. hehe

    @Glamour Me Up - I love this lipstick! Its sooo bright and cute! It would look amazing on you.

  5. I'm on a crazy search for a pink that looks great on my skintone, ugh! This pink looks flawless on you!


  6. Looooving this shade! Hmmm i might have to spend some B-day money on new pinks for spring! yaaay

  7. wow it looks great on u... but i doubt it'll be the same on me... haha

  8. I want Saint Germain so badly. It is super bright though. I wish it was a permanent!

  9. I cant wait to try look so model-ish~


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