Thursday, April 30, 2009

Boys will never understand...

Sometimes my boyfriend laughs at me for the silly things that I do. These things are something that men will never understand. They are women things and girls you know what I'm talking about! Like fat clothes! Men will never understand fat clothes.

Here is a list of funny things that only women will understand :
  1. Crying can be fun. The more senseless the cry, the funner!
  2. There is no scale on the planet that is accurate.
  3. A good man might be hard to find, but a good hairdresser...thats nearly impossible.
  4. You can never have too much lip gloss or too many black shoes.
  5. There is a purpose to taking pictures before you step out the door. (To see what you really look like)
  6. Finding a designer dress on the sale rack in your size is a peak life experience.
  7. We know the difference between white, off-white, and ivory.
  8. When we go to the gynocologist, we know damn well the doctor will see all of our goodies, but we will still roll our panties into the smallest ball and stuff them as deep into our bag as possible. God forbid he sees those!
  9. We will get all done up, just to take pictures of ourselves.
  10. You can get away with anything as long as you compliment us.
  11. A phone call between two women will never last under 10 minutes, even if you hate them.
  12. Women understand other women.
  13. It's always the guy's fault (LOL)


  1. all very important truths! i think that comic is hilarious

  2. haha interesting.. nice post!! xoxo


  3. lmao. im so guilty of so many of those things , i get all done up all the time when im bored ehh ill just take pictures of myself today lmaooo.

    loved it :)

  4. AMEN SISTER! lol @ the panties one.
    I'm so guilty of that! and my bra too!

  5. We know the difference between white, off-white, and ivory.

    Lmao. SO TRUE!! I just painted my room a cream colour and josh says "Still looks white to me!"

  6. soo true about the panties at the gyno..even if your gyno is a female...i still burry them LOL...

    aaaand speaking of never too many black shoes i just bought a pair of Steve Madden black heels last night..argh! lol

    great post!

  7. haha so true!! llove this post.

  8. hahaha these are great !!!!
    I totally agree

  9. The rolled up panties is sooo true!

  10. LMAO!! this is like the women's bible!! sooooo trruueee!! GUYS please take note! lol...*still laughing**

  11. LMAO You deff hit the nail on the head with this one!!! xoxo Katie

  12. KATRIIIIIIIIIIIINA = Great Blogger - Person - Friend :-D


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