Thursday, March 26, 2009

Review: MAC Loud Lash Mascara

I purchased this mascara from the CCO in the nearby outlet mall. The mascara cost me $7.50, which is a great price! It comes in 2 colors - Noisy Black and a Brown shade.

I was very thrilled when purchasing this mascara but had no idea that it was waterproof...and when I say waterproof, I mean monsoon proof!

I had not done any research on this product and had not asked anything about it at the CCO. It didn't mentioned anywhere on the packaging that the mascara was waterproof proof, but it is, and I discovered this when I tried to take it off before going to bed one night.

The mascara comes with a bushy soft brush which I love! The formula does not do much for lengthening, so I would recommend using it with those lengthening eye lash primers before you apply this product if your looking for that falsie look. It does apply very light and crisp, I liked that a lot. The mascara also lasts a super long time and does not flake much.

Washing it off was a hassle! I had to constantly rub my eyes and makeup removed would not help much. When I googled some reviews, they all stated how the mascara comes off only with the actual MAC makeup remover (the one that comes in the pink bottle) or an oil based remover, and even then did it require some rubbing. I am afraid to wear the mascara again until I get the MAC makeup remover. My eyes were very irritated from all the rubbing for a couple of days.

Overall it is a great product if you are looking for a waterproof mascara. If you prefer a lengthier look, I would recommend using a lengthening primer with this mascara. The mascara lasts for a very long period and does not flake. It is extremely waterproof. To remove the mascara you should have the MAC makeup remover in the pink bottle or you will end up causing a lot of irritation to your eyes due to rubbing.


  1. monsoon proof jeez lol interesting name. ahh I hate mascara's that are hard to come off really tests my patience grr.

  2. hi i am using this mascara as well. i bought it off a blog sale. and i LOVE it. now i am looking for backups. do u have any idea where to get this PLEASE


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