Monday, February 2, 2009

Trina's Tips - Skin Care

Pinkkitty08 asked me what my skin care regimen was! I am so delighted to answer this question!

My #1 rule to wash my face every night before bedtime. I never go to bed with dirt and grime or makeup on my skin. No matter how dermatologist recommended it may be, it still gets in your pores and could cause pimples and blemishes. Also a good moisturizer is really important to me because my skin has a tendency to get dry at times.

I love to use Clinique skin care products! I recently got Jerrid into using them too. They have so many products for all skin types and the products are great with acne! I use a lot of different products for different days though, so I dont typically stick to just these products!

I use the Clinique 3 step system most often because its a 3 minutes fix. The package runs from about $50 for the larger sizes, and around $20 for the smaller sizes, but they always have sales! The package includes a liquid facial cleanser, clarifying lotion, which is more of a toner, and a choice between 2 'dramatically different' moisturizing lotions. The lotion choices are either a cream lotion for normal to dry skin, or a gel for oily skin. I use the lotion, and Jerrid uses the gel, his skin is bit oily at times and this lotion dries it up while still providing adequate moisture. I do not use the cleanser or toner everyday because they contain a bit of alcohol. If I want to take a day or 2 off from them then I use either the L'Oreal Skin Genesis deep purifying foaming cream cleanser or just gentle cleansers such as Cetaphil. I also love to exfoliate at least once a week! I use St. Ives elements Microdermabrasion skin cleanser, or the regular St. Ives apricot scrub. If I am in desperate need of exfoliating, then I use my gentle cleanser with an exfoliating sponge. I love them! They may be a bit scratchy, but I try to be as gentle with it as possible.Washing your face with very warm water also helps open up your pores and get all that dirt and grime out of there! Be careful though, don't put the water too hot, just enough to get a slight tingle.

If my skin needs a little more moisture to soak up during the night, I sneak in and borrow some of my moms lotions. She is an avid lover of the french brand Yves Rocher. She always buys stuff from the catalog! She's been using them ever since I could remember! I trust her judgement! The lotions are so rich and creamy and even though I have no idea how much they cost or what they are really called, they make my skin soooo soft! You could find Yves Roches products online! I doubt they would be too expensive because I know my mom is a thrifty shopper and they always send her free gifts! If your skin ever looks bland and you wish to get that glow! Mix in equal amounts of lemon juice and honey together and apply it to your face for 10 minutes! Wash it off and voila! Beautiful glowing skin!The Clinique lotion is great with my skin, but sometimes I may want to apply a wrinkle fighting lotion to help prevent wrinkles in the future, so I use Olay gentle Wrinkle nutrients lotion.

Also, before I apply my makeup, I always put on Smashbox photofinish primer, which moisturizes my skin, makes my makeup glide on really smoothly, last a long time, has spf 15 and helps fight wrinkles!Oh yes, sunblock, sunblock, sunblock! It's really important to protect your skin for the sun's very damaging rays! No matter how strong your skin is against the sun, it could still cause damage in the long run! We all know that!! So don't forget your sunblock, but try to stay away from the really greasy ones, get the oil free sport sunblock if you're going to apply it to your face. You don't need all that grease and oil in your pores. I think Coppertone makes a great oil free sports sunblock.

If I do get a pimple, I get out my secret weapon! Mario Badescu drying lotion! I love this product! You stick a q-tip all the way down into the bottle and get a bit of the magic pink stuff out and put it right on the pimple! By morning, my pimples have been significantly smaller and the red is gone! I know that Mario Badescu has many many other products. I have never tried them, but I wish to!I guess for me, my main focus would be to moisturize! The skin on my face could get dry at times and I love to put on lots of lotion that gets all soaked up during the night, especially in cold weather, or when the heat is on. Finding the perfect lotion is really important! Try to stay away from products with fragrances in them, they could contain all types of weird chemicals and dont need that on your face!

Also, never forget how important it really is to take your vitamins! If you hate to swallow those big giant pills, get the gummy Flintstones Vitamins and go to town on them! Besides vitamins I also love to take Omega-3 tablets, which is a very important fatty acid that helps promote healthy circulation, brain function and has healthy effects on your mood! Take anti-oxidant products and eat lots of fruit!

I hope I helped!!!