Thursday, January 22, 2009

I'm an Angel too ya know!

My favorite M-A-C lipstick color is 'Angel'.

I love pairing it up with lip gloss or just wearing it by itself, the color is such a pretty and rich pink!

When I put it on I feel so beautiful!
See!!Can you say confidence??

You know how your boyfriend won't kiss you just because you have lipgloss on?

"Baby, its sticky and tastes bad...yuck!"

So The Dream lied in his song.

Guys dont like that MAC on the lips...well they do...up until its time to get to business. So we have to adjust to whatever the males want. You gotta look good but when its time to be productive you need to adjust ladies!


I paid $14 for this Angel lipstick and I'm using every last drop of it so you will have to HOLD UP, I'm not done looking HOT!

Whatever! Girls, you dont need to be messin' up your lipgloss just to kiss that dude anyway!

Think about it...everytime you apply your lipgloss/lipstick/whatever you put on your face, your using a certain amount of it - that YOU PAID FOR! So every application is like putting your money on your face!


Sorry will have to wait until I'm done looking FABULOUS to kiss these luscious lips.

So if your man doesn't want to kiss you when you have lipgloss on, just think of it as him doing you a favor!!